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Here you can submit your event dates for the World Snowboarding Event Schedule, look up fees, find the “how  to” for results preparation and submission for the WSPLs as well as other helpful organizer info & downloads. 

Please scroll down for:

1. Event submission – Get listed on the Event Schedule!

2. Fees

3. Event results preparation for the WSPLs

4. Create an appealing event profile

5. Organizer downloads

6. Contacts


About the World Snowboarding Event Schedule 

The World Snowboarding Event Schedule is the most comprehensive calendar for freestyle snowboard events worldwide and year-round. A unified, comprehensive global event schedule helps events, athletes, coaches, organisations and other industry players to prepare the upcoming seasons. It helps to plan travel, reduces travel time and costs and will provide a foundation to organise the sport of snowboarding more effectively. It enables event organisers and organisations to identify and prevent potential date clashes and can thus ensure the best possible rider line up, medial and public attention for each event.

Competition results from each event on the World Snowboarding event schedule will be included in the World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPL). The WSPL´s are the World Rankings of freestyle snowboarding and are widely used for seeding, team selections, athlete entry, national quotas, performance tracking and LTAD programs.

The World Snowboarding event schedule is open to all events regardless of their affiliation with a national or international governing body! Events can submit their event dates for the seasons: 2017/18 – 2018/19 – 2019/20. Submitting event dates for up to two years in advance will help build a planning schedule.


1. Event submission – Get listed on the Event Schedule! 



Click on the link above to submit your dates for a single event for the Global Event Schedule.



If you want to submit dates for multiple events or e.g. a national series please use the Excel template provided to quickly and accurately enter your data.

For any questions please contact


2. Fees

For the verification and upload of event results, assignment of WSPL points and the processing of event results for the World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPLs) a service fee will be charged. The fee depends on the level of the event and is charged PER COMPETITION RESULT. E.g. an event on National level with a halfpipe and slopestyle competition for both men and women will submit 4 competition results and pay 4x 250 EUR.

  • Elite: 600,- EUR
  • International: 400,- EUR
  • National: 250,- EUR
  • Regional: 50 EUR

Discounts (Regional & National level only): > 25 Results: 50% Discount on Service Fee, > 50 Results: 70% Discount on Service Fee

The World Snowboard Federation (WSF) offers direct memberships for the sports key stakeholders: National Snowboard Associations (NSA), event organizers and riders.

  • Annual (2018) WSF direct event membership fee: EUR 100,- including voting rights & representation on board of directors as per the WSF statutes (for events that are not affiliated with their NSA and for events that wish to become a direct member.


3. Event Results Preparation for the WSPLs

Please download and read the How to Prepare Results document and use the official WS Resultload Template to submit your event results to WS.

Please send your results to


4. Create an appealing Event Profile

Events that have paid the service fee can also benefit from an individual event mini site on World Snowboarding by adding

  • event artwork
  • video embeds
  • additional info text
  • rider invitation or registration link
  • website url
  • social handles
  • use of WS athlete online registration system

If you wish to make any changes to your event dates, add information, videos, info text  or event artwork to your event profile please send to


5. Organizer Downloads


6. Contact

For any questions contact us at: