TTR World Snowboard Tour

Points List

Billabong Flaunt It

  • CAN
  • SS
  • W
  • NATL
  • 12-13
  • Date: 16.02.13
  • Country: CAN
  • Location: Big White, B.C.
  • Event: SS
  • Prize Money: USD 2000,-

Billabong is proud to announce the start of the 7th season of the Billabong Flaunt It Tour supported by VonZipper, Dakine, Nixon, Snowboarder Magazine and Snowboard Canada. Flaunt It is an All-Girls Slopestyle & Rail Jam snowboard series that is aimed at giving girls from all levels a chance to Flaunt It, while providing over $75,000 in cash and prizes for the girls to vie for.

The first 5 events throughout the USA and Canada are World Snowboard Tour 3 Star ranked events, which will have a $2000 cash purse at each event.  The first place winner from each stop will also receive airfare and accommodation to the series Finals at Sierra-At-Tahoe, CA.  The final stop of the Flaunt It Tour is hosted by Billabong’s Jamie Anderson and is a World Snowboard Tour 4 Star event with a cash purse of $10,000 with lots of additional product and prizes!

The contest format is a morning slopestyle jam followed by an afternoon rail jam. While there is some serious cash and prizes up for grabs this contest series was designed with fun in mind! Each competitor will be allowed to do as many runs as possible with the judges watching throughout the day to determine the standout riders. At each event, every competitor will receive a gift bag and a free lunch.



Pos Name Country Sponsors Points
1. Blasman, Jenna CAN Billabong, Gnu, Von Zipper 500.00
2. Haines, Stephanie CAN 463.25
3. Rocka, Zuzy CAN 430.65
4. Menday, Becky GBR Celtek, Clast, Dragon, DVS, Head, Protest, Snozone 401.55
5. MacDonald, Kirsty CAN 375.35
6. Gauthier, Sabrina CAN 351.70
7. Goodwin, Shayna CAN 330.15
8. Brassard, Cynthia CAN 310.40
9. Lee, Kirsten USA 292.15
10. Price, Laura GBR 275.20
11. Poirier, Jessy CAN 259.35
12. Scott, Carly CAN 244.40
13. Beharrell, Isabella CAN 230.25
14. Lengkeek, Kira CAN 216.75
15. Cowley, Katherine CAN 203.80
16. Belford, Sarah CAN 191.30
17. Leclair, Janelle CAN 179.25
18. Sherrington, Christine CAN 167.50
19. Bot, Mica CAN 156.05
20. Berrigan, Paige CAN 144.85
21. Quiring, Carleigh CAN 133.85
22. Clarke, Jamie CAN 123.00
23. Mundy, Heather CAN 112.35
24. Newell, Carly CAN 101.75
25. Shepard, Kayla CAN 91.30
26. Cataldi, Francesca CAN 80.95
27. White, Alexandra CAN 70.65
28. Shepard, Krista CAN 60.45
29. Guidi, Madalyn CAN 50.30
30. Wright, Haley CAN 40.15
31. MacInnis, Crystal CAN 30.05
32. McKay, Laura CAN 20.00
33. Lovell, Amanda CAN 10.00