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Points List

Quiksilver Spring Battle 2012

  • AUT
  • BA
  • M
  • INTL
  • 12-13
  • Date: 28.03.12 - 30.03.12
  • Country: AUT
  • Location: Flachauwinkl
  • Event: BA
  • Prize Money: USD 50.000,-
  • Entry criteria: invitation and qualification events
  • Number of riders: 50
  • Web address:
  • Ranking Information: TTR 5Star Points

The Quiksilver Spring Battle is going down in the Absolut Park Flachauwinkl for the 10th time in a row. So it is just the right time to upgrade the event to the 5Star level. The contest is known for its perfect shaped and super innovative set ups, the good weather and the Spring riding conditions. The Absolut Park is one of Europe’s biggest and best known parks. The highly motivated and skilled shape crew led by Christoph Walchhofer and Hans Weiss is pushing limits every year and guarantees amazing obstacles year by year.


Big Air

Pos Name Country Sponsors Points
1. Smits, Seppe BEL Absolut Park, Red Bull 0.00
2. NIEMELAE, Nuutti FIN Nitro Snowboard Co., Smith, Transform Gloves 0.00
3. Willett, Eric USA Celtek, Giro, US Snowboarding, Vans 0.00
4. Paumola, Ville FIN 0.00
5. Schattschneider, Clemens AUT Blue Tomato, Mini, Neff, Smith, Vans 0.00
6. Koski, Markku FIN 0.00
7. Macho, Michael AUT Nitro Snowboard Co., Smith 0.00
8. Buri, Max SUI Clast, Salomon 0.00
9. Necas, Jan CZE DC, Gnu, Quiksilver 0.00
10. Thorgren, Sven SWE Junkyard, Monster Energy, New Era, Nitro Snowboard Co. 0.00
11. Klocker, Tom AUT Head, Monster Energy, Moreboards 0.00
12. Lundstrom, Tor SWE Bataleon, Von Zipper 0.00
13. Weissenbacher, Mathias AUT Absolut Park, Blue Tomato, Head, Rip Curl 0.00
14. Thaler, Herbert AUT Absolut Park, Adidas Eyewear, Blue Tomato, Lib Technologies, Quiksilver 0.00
15. Smits, Anthony BEL Anon Optics, Burton Snowboards, Gravis, Hotzone, Red, Volvo 0.00
16. Wanger, Mario AUT Flow, G-Shock, Icetools, Moreboards, Pow Gloves, Smith, 686 0.00
17. Landmark, Zebastian SWE 32 Snowboard Boots, Lib Technologies, Union Bindings 0.00
18. Krainer, Adrian AUT Absolut Park, K2 Snowboarding 0.00
19. Krogstie, Joachim NOR Analog, Anon Optics, Burton Snowboards, Gravis, Red, Skullcandy, Swag 0.00
20. Koenig, Peter AUT Forum 0.00
21. Uotila, Ville FIN Blue Tomato, DYE, Horsefeathers, Level 0.00
22. Kroell, Chris AUT Adidas Eyewear, Aesthetiker, Carhartt Streetwear, Deeluxe, Pow Gloves, Skullcandy, Voelkl 0.00
23. Stanschitz, Michael AUT Absolut Park, Deeluxe, Electric, Moreboards, Pow Gloves, SP, Voelkl 0.00
24. Lipsanen, Janne FIN K2 Snowboarding, Rip Curl 0.00
25. Cinca, Patrick GER Picture, ROCKWELL Time, Voelkl 0.00
26. Kroell, Rudi AUT Aesthetiker 0.00
27. Minichberger, Thomas AUT 0.00
28. Gerber, Carlos SUI K2 Snowboarding, Pow Gloves, Rip Curl, Vans 0.00
29. Gruber, Philipp AUT Absolut Park, Blue Tomato, Forum, Special Blend 0.00
30. Froetscher, Philipp AUT Bataleon, Hotzone 0.00
31. Laivisto, Juuso FIN Giro, Red Bull, Volcom 0.00