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Spring Battle

  • AUT
  • SS
  • MW
  • INTL
  • 16-17
  • Date: 12.03.16 - 18.03.16
  • Country: AUT
  • Location: Flachauwinkl
  • Event: SS
  • Prize Money: USD 30.000,-
  • Entry criteria: WST Entry Protocols
  • Number of riders: 80
  • Web address:
  • Ranking Information: WSPL International Level Points (dynamic)
Photo Credits Slideshow:
1st Markus Rohrbacher
2nd (sequence) Fischi
3rd Markus Rohrbacher



Spring Battle is one of the senior events on the World Snowboard Tour as it goes back until the first edition in 2006. With the organizers Seppi Harml and Bernd Egger being former pros themselves and with the Absolut Park being one of Europe’s finest Snowparks featuring a pro line with 5 kickers in a row, a superpipe, a mini-pipe and tons of creative jib features this International Level Event on the World Snowboard Tour is definitely providing a great show.

Like last year, Spring Battle will be a Slopestyle contest. The contest format will be a follow cam jam session held over the duration of 7 days (4 hours each). 

How it works: Participants will shoot their best run during these days. When they get their best run on tape, the video(s) will be handed in to the judges — no editing, just one run in one take! How and by whom (filmer, camera man, a friend, other rider etc.) is filmed is up to the participant and has to be organized by the participant him/herself.

The event will be part of World Snowboard Tour and the AFP Freeski Tour‐ so everybody will get their tour points for good results.

Snowboard Women / Snowboard Men / Freeski Women / Freeski Men

Total: USD 60.000

Split Men Snowboard & Men Freeski / Women Snowboard & Women Freeski:
1. USD 8.000 / 1. USD 4.000
2. USD 6.000 / 2. USD 3.000
3. USD 4.000 / 3. USD 2.000
4. USD 2.000 / 4. USD 1.000

Only the run featured in the video will be judged, the editing is not important. As always, the overall impression is most important. Judges will have an eye on variety, execution, landing, amplitude, style and progression. Nevertheless, there are also a few criteria for filming to make sure judges can do their job properly:
• no cuts or editing allowed
• judges have to see the rider all the time (not only during a trick but also on the way to the obstacle)
• take off and landing are especially important to be seen well on the video

Saturday, 12th March – Friday 18th March
10 am – 2 pm: Follow cam jam session on each of these days

Friday 18th March
9 pm: Prize giving @ Ema´s Pub
Afterwards: Party @ Ema’s Pub and Fire and Ice Flachau

Lisa Harml:





Overview_Absolutpark_byMarkus Rohrbacher_12_720_

Photo: Markus Rohrbacher


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Mens Rankings

Mens Slopestyle

Pos Name Country Sponsors Points
1. Morgan, Billy GBR 600.00
2. Garcia Knight, Carlos NZL 542.70
3. Smits, Seppe BEL 492.48
4. Nicholls, Jamie GBR 448.26
5. Hill, Seth USA 409.08
6. Coultas, Rowan GBR 374.22
7. Truchon, Antoine CAN 342.96
8. Richenberg, Brage NOR 314.76
9. Weissenbacher, Mathias AUT 289.20
10. Petrusevics, Toms LAT 265.80
11. Ulstein, Isak NOR 244.32
12. Cox, Matthew AUS 224.40
13. Preissinger, Maximilian GER 205.80
14. Maffei, Alberto ITA 188.34
15. McCormick, Matt GBR 171.78
16. McAlpin, Joss AUS 156.12
17. Gruber, Simon ITA 141.12
18. Lauzi, Emiliano ITA 126.66
19. Dioli, Nicola ITA 112.74
20. Bosch, Anthon RSA 99.18
21. Vagne, Joshua AUS 86.04
22. Grigis, Marco ITA 73.14
23. Harveyson, Tom AUS 60.48
24. Vockensperger, Leon GER 48.12
25. Vicktor, Noah GER 35.88
26. Zebe, Max ITA 23.76
27. Guetl, Leon GER 11.82

Womens Rankings

Womens Slopestyle

Pos Name Country Sponsors Points
1. Rich, Jessica AUS 500.00
2. Ormerod, Katie GBR 389.90
3. Fuller, Aimee GBR 285.65
4. Coady, Tess AUS 186.45
5. Fortune, Cassandra AUS 91.45