TTR World Snowboard Tour

Points List

Spring Battle

  • AUT
  • SS
  • MW
  • ELIT
  • 16-17
  • Date: 18.03.17 - 22.03.17
  • Country: AUT
  • Location: Flachauwinkl
  • Event: SS
  • Prize Money: USD 60.000 (with Freeski, split yet to be confirmed)
  • Entry criteria: WST Regulations
  • Number of riders: 100
  • Web address:
  • Ranking Information: WSPL Elite Level Points (dynamic)



Spring Battle will be a Slopestyle  contest held over the duration of 5 days (4 hours each). Male and female snowboarders and freeskiers will take part in the unique follow-cam jam session  together. A team of two will shoot their best run during one or several of the contest days. When they got their best run on tape, the video will be handed in to the judges.

Teams can be mixed  as you like and you can also team up with a filmer, but keep in mind: Each line will be judged individually based on the riding, so two riders handing in their best lines have twice the chance for prize money in comparison to one rider shooting with a filmer.


The WST men’s top 40 and women’s top 10 will have a save spot at Spring Battle 2017, but the contest will be open for everyone to participate. This way, we are keeping the level high, but are also giving more riders the chance to take part in the event.

If you are not ranked men’s top 40 / women’s top 10 and you are sure that you will take part in Spring Battle 2017, we highly recommend to fill in the confirmation and transfer the entry fee until March 4, 2017  to get one of the open spots. Due to the limit of the Slopestyle course, we can only allow a total of 200 riders per day.


Total: USD $ 35.000,- ($ 30.000 cash + $ 5.000 in kind)

1. $ 10.000 + season pass
2. $ 6.000 + season pass
3. $ 3.000 + season pass
4. $ 1.000 + season pass
5. $ season pass

1. $ 5.000 + season pass
2. $ 3.000 + season pass
3. $ 1.500 + season pass
4. $ 500 + season pass
5. $ season pass

The prize money will be given to both team members with a recommended 50/50 split — nevertheless, teams can also choose the split individually informing us at their registration on site.

Prize money will be paid if  at least 5 valid judgeable videos per category have been handed in. If one category fails to have 5 valid judged videos, the price money in cash will be added to the other categories.


Only the run featured in the video will be judged. The overall impression is most important. Judges will have an eye on variety, execution, landing, amplitude, style and progression. Nevertheless, there are also a few criteria for filming to make sure judges can do their job properly:

- no cuts or editing allowed
– judges will have to  see the rider all the time (not only during a trick but also on the way to the obstacle)
– take off and landing are especially important to be seen well on the video
– every rider will be judged individually and get WSPL points according to his ranking


Saturday, March 18 – Wednesday, March 22
10 am – 2 pm: Follow cam jam session

Wednesday, March 22
10 pm: Prize giving & Party at Ema’s Pub in Flachau


Flachauwinkl is located 80 km from Salzburg airport and 150 km from Munich Airport (see it on Google Maps). It can be easily reached via autobahn A10 or public transport.

By public transport:
ÖBB – Austrian Railways:
Deutsche Bahn – German Railways:

For accommodation please check the following links or get in touch with the local tourist offices:

Flachauwinkl and Flachau:

The easiest way to buy your ski pass is either on site at the ticket office or via the online shop, especially for multiple-day-passes:

1. Fill out the following form – rider attendance confirmation
2. Send it to

AP_Spring Battle_2017_Timetable.compressed


Mens Rankings

Mens Slopestyle

Pos Name Country Sponsors Points
1. Ulsletten, Emil Andre NOR Arbor Snowboards, Burn Energy Drink, Rip Curl, Von Zipper 600.00
2. Davis, Brandon USA DVS, Giro, Mammoth Mountain, Monster Energy, Neff, Ride Snowboards 543.12
3. Smits, Seppe BEL Absolut Park, Red Bull 493.32
4. Inamura, Keita JPN 449.52
5. Farrell, Lyon NZL 410.76
6. Henkes, Justus USA Celtek, Mammoth Mountain, Red Bull, Salomon 376.32
7. Baden, Nikolas USA Adidas Eyewear, Steamboat Ski Resort 345.48
8. Willett, Eric USA Celtek, Giro, US Snowboarding, Vans 317.70
9. Hamada, Kaito JPN 292.56
10. Truchon, Antoine CAN Absolut Park, Giro, Pop Headwear, YONEX 269.58
11. Winkelmann, Luke USA Analog, Burton Snowboards 248.52
12. Moody, Brett USA DC, Monster Energy, Quiksilver 229.02
13. McCormick, Matt GBR Salomon, TSA 210.84
14. Preissinger, Maximilian GER Absolut Park, Electric, Planet Sports, Ride Snowboards, Vans 193.80
15. Giller, Grant USA Bonfire, Celtek, High Cascade Camp, Rossignol, Smith 177.66
16. Landmark, Jesper SWE Dragon, Gnu, Union Bindings, 162.42
17. Enyart, Edward USA 147.78
18. Tveiten, Sindre NOR 133.80
19. Amsuess, Moritz AUT OutOf Goggles, Rip Curl, Santa Cruz, Santo Loco Shop 120.24
20. Werner, Evan USA 107.16
21. Meehan, Robby USA 94.38
22. Bakken, Marius NOR Head 81.96
23. Karakoca, Talha GER 69.72
24. Whittier, Cooper USA Gnu 57.72
25. Vaagsdal, Mathias NOR 45.96
26. Leenderts, Emil NOR 34.26
27. McGonagle, Daniel USA Sims 22.74
28. Guetl, Leon GER 11.34

Womens Rankings

Womens Slopestyle

Pos Name Country Sponsors Points
1. Fujimori, Yuka JPN Burton Snowboards, GALLIUM 600.00
2. Coady, Tess AUS Salomon 497.76
3. Eilertsen, Hanne NOR 402.54
4. Liberg Frisvold, Nora NOR 313.38
5. Straume, Andrea NOR 229.20
6. Herleiksplass, Karoline NOR 149.34
7. Kazami, Michelle JPN FLUX BINDINGS, Gnu, Smith 73.14