TTR World Snowboard Tour

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What is the World Snowboard Tour?

The World Snowboard Tour, formerly the TTR World Snowboard Tour, is the world’s largest series of freestyle snowboarding events. The World Snowboard Tour is run and owned by TTR Pro Snowboarding, a Verein non-profit organization, registered in Switzerland.

What does TTR stand for?

TTR stands for “Ticket To Ride.” At its founding, the TTR World Snowboard Tour consisted of nine events around the world where riders could earn a “ticket to ride” to The Arctic Challenge in Norway.

When was the TTR founded and by whom?

The TTR was founded in 2002 by Terje Haakonsen, current president Reto Lamm and a group of interested event organizers and snowboard brand representatives who wanted to take the world of competitive freestyle snowboarding to a new level of organization. In 2012 the TTR World Snowboard Tour’s board of directors chose to re-brand and become the World Snowboard Tour.

Who are the past Tour Champions?

The Tour began crowning champions when the Tour Ranking List was introduced in the 2005/2006 season. Since its introduction champions have included:

2005/2006:                  Mathieu Crepel and Cheryl Maas

2006/2007:                  Shaun White and Torah Bright

2007/2008:                  Kevin Pearce and Jamie Anderson

2008/2009:                  Peetu Piiroinen and Kelly Clark

2009/2010:                  Peetu Piiroinen and Enni Rukajarvi

2010/2011:                   Peetu Piiroinen and Jamie Anderson




What kind of events does the World Snowboard Tour include? What event formats are attributing points?

Currently, the World Snowboard Tour has Slopestyle, Halfpipe, and Big Air/Straight Jump events as part of the Tour.

Formats that do not fit into these categories are considered on a case-by-case basis.

For the 2011/2012 season, the Tour introduced a ranking system that features three separate World Tour Ranking lists for women (Overall, Halfpipe, Slopestyle) and four World Tour Ranking lists for men (Overall, Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air).

In the 2014/15 season, TTR Pro Snowboarding introduced the World Snowboard Tour Pro Series including the best Elite level events. At the end of the 2014/15 season, the TTR awards the World Snowboard Tour Champions in the following disciplines: Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Big Air (men only).

Does The World Snowboard Tour organise the events?

No. Neither the World Snowboard Tour nor its parent company, TTR Pro Snowboarding, is an event organizer. TTR brings together independent freestyle snowboard events under one umbrella and provides a world ranking system for riders competing at World Snowboard Tour events.

Can male and female snowboarders get World Snowboard Tour points?

Yes. Both men and women can earn World Tour Ranking points on the World Snowboard Tour.

How is the level of an event determined?

The Level of an event is determined by many different factors including the significance of the event on a global scale, overall quality of the event, level of competition, prize purse, quality of the course(s) and visual media coverage.

What events are on the World Snowboard Tour calendar?

Events on the World Snowboard Tour Calendar range from Freestyle rookie events all the way up to premiere professional events. All events on the Calendar are independently run freestyle snowboard events. The World Snowboard Tour Calendar does not include racing events of any kind. Click here to view the full Calendar.

How is a rider’s ranking calculated? And how are the World Snowboard Tour Champions decided?

Rider’s rankings are determined as follows:

Men’s and women’s Halfpipe and Slopestyle ranking is determined by calculating the AVERAGE of a rider’s best 4 Halfpipe results or best 4 Slopestyle results from the current season.

The rider with the best Halfpipe Ranking score at the last World Snowboard Tour Pro Series Halfpipe event of the season will be crowned Halfpipe World Snowboard Tour Champion. The rider with the best Slopestyle Ranking score at the last World Snowboard Tour Pro Series Slopestyle event of the season will be crowned Slopestyle World Snowboard Tour Champion.

Men’s Big Air Ranking is determined by calculating the AVERAGE of a rider’s best two big air results from the current season.  The rider with the best Big Air Ranking score at the last World Snowboard Tour Pro Series Big Air event of the season will be crowned Big Air World Snowboard Tour Champion.

How do riders get involved in World Snowboard Tour events?

Riders have a wide range of opportunities available to participate in World Snowboard Tour events across the globe no matter what your level of riding might be. From rookie to pro level events, there is an event you can enter at a hill near you.

Just head to the Events section of the World Snowboard Tour website to find local events that are in your area, or you can scout out certain events on the national or even global level in which you would like to compete.  In the events section of the website riders are able to filter out events by nation, star level, gender, time-frame and even by format.

Riders do not need a special license to compete in World Snowboard Tour events. Just register for the event you would like to compete in by the appropriate registration deadline and go ride. Your final results will be automatically transmitted to the World Snowboard Tour database and you will be added to the Tour Ranking List.

How does an event become part of the World Snowboard Tour?

Events become part of the World Snowboard Tour through an application process. Any freestyle snowboarding event is welcome to apply to be a part of the World Snowboard Tour by visiting our Application.