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Multiple Events/Events Series/Nations – Registration for the Global Event Schedule

The purpose of the Global Event Schedule is to collect the scheduled and planned dates of all snowboard events for the current and upcoming seasons to maintain a global event schedule and planning calendar for snowboarding.

The registration for the Global Event Schedule is not binding, free of charge and open to all events regardless of their affiliation or sanctioning.

After submission and processing of your data, your event will be listed on


1. Enter your event dates using the Excel form you can download HERE

2. In the excel file, please fill in the columns, following the example data provided within. For an event series with e.g. the same event name but different stops and dates you can simply copy + paste the most of your data. Also if you want to register your event dates for future seasons you can copy + paste the most of your data that also apply for the next season and then adjust the correct dates.

3. Please accurately name the excel file: EventSeriesName_Nation (3 letter code)_Date (MM/DD/YYYY)

4. Send Excel file to and

5. We will review data and upload to WST database. You will get notified on the email contact you provided once your events are being listed on the Global Event Schedule.



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