TTR World Snowboard Tour

Points List

“Snowboarder or Pornstar” with Richard Kern


“There’s this thing about going to ski resorts where half the time you just stare at people. Sweaty athletic girls–they’re really good.” Earlier in the week I went down to the Burton flagship store to do some Christmas...

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The best earplugs headphones for snowboarders


The Best Snowboard Headphones list covers the following categories; sound, fit and safety. This year’s headphone prices ranged from $59.95-$199.00 with each pair offering a completely unique fit and unparalleled sound. If you need headphones for...

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What porn are watching snowboarding stars?


Japanese athlete Melo Imai is an Olympian Snowboarder, but also a porn star! Back in 2006, 18-year old Imai gave up her dreams of Olympic glory after literally crashing and burning at the Turin Games in the halfpipe event…so she turned to being...

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