TTR World Snowboard Tour

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Horgmo And Comstock Take Burton Abominable Snow Jam Slopestyle


The 4th Annual Burton Abominable Snow Jamat Mt Hood, Oregon, wrapped up with Slopestyle contest in what proved to be an outstanding TTR FIVE(5) STAR season opener. Class performances by Danny Kass(USA) and Gretchen Bleiler(USA) in Wednesdays Halfpipe...

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Hold Onto Your Hats, 07/08 Is On! Kass And Bleiler Rack Up First Wins


Overcast conditions did nothing to dampen the Halfpipe action as the first event of the 07/08TTR World Snowboard Tour at the 4th Annual Burton Abominable Snow Jam, Mt Hood Oregon. A perfectly shaped 7.5-meter Halfpipe, built by Planet Snow Designs at...

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07/08 TTR World Snowboard Tour Takes Shape


The TTR General Assembly in May decided to cap the premium FIVE(5) and SIX(6) STAR event tiers on the 07/08 TTR World Snowboard Tour to consolidate the considerable progress made over the course of last season. This decision ruled that a maximum of...

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