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The best earplugs headphones for snowboarders


The Best Snowboard Headphones list covers the following categories; sound, fit and safety. This year’s headphone prices ranged from $59.95-$199.00 with each pair offering a completely unique fit and unparalleled sound. If you need headphones for everyday use, we recommend looking at the review on Best Earplugs Headphones from professionals – New Real Review team.
Choosing a suitable pair of earbuds for snowboarding can be a difficult task, while regular earphones are usually tricky. They may fail to successfully handle snow, wetness, extreme movement, sweat, and cold. So how can you make sure you still have access to your favorite tunes while skiing or snowboarding? We reviewed some of the best earbuds for small ears on the market and are ready to come up with a list of best items that are perfect for winter sports.

1. Outdoor Tech Chips 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio – ($129)
For someone who loves to take their life into the backcountry, the unique audio speakers from Outdoor Tech are just what you need. Never before could you smash through the park and hit backcountry powder without losing any of your focus or footing messing with earphones. Now, while I like many different styles of headphones, there are some situations that simply call for something more durable, more powerful and definitely more slamming into your dome with your own personal style of sound. I’m talking about the Outdoor Tech Chips 2.0 Wireless headphones. One of the best headphones for snowboard helmets as they are completely compatible with Bern, Anon, Giro, Smith, POC, Pro-Tec, Solomon and Bollé plus more! Outdoor Tech also makes a compatible K-Roo Pouch (not included) for using the Chips 2.0 speakers with regular skate, snow, and BMX helmets so you never have to mess with conventional headphones that get caught up in your headgear again. Other features include one-tap answering and voice activation to your cell phone, two-button control for audio adjustment, plus a universal battery charger so you can always keep jammin!

2. AfterShokz Trekz Air Headphones – ($149.95)
These ultra-light headphones weigh in at about an ounce making them one of the lightest sets of stereo speakers anywhere! You might think that because the AfterShokz Trekz Air Headphones are so lightweight that they can’t deliver stellar sound – but you’d be wrong! In fact, these micro-headphones produce booming bass and razor-sharp overall clarity. Other features of the AfterShokz Trekz Air Headphones include flexible titanium wraparound headband band, LeakSlayer™ to prevent sound loss, noise-canceling microphone and Bluetooth Wireless range of 33 ft making these one of the best snowboard helmet headphones with bluetooth. Plus exclusive cone-conduction technology able to deliver the music through your cheekbones so your ears remain open to hearing what’s around you. That’s so rad! One of the best snowboarding headphones that fly under the radar.

3. Skullcandy Method Wireless Headphones – ($29.99)
These wireless headphones include a different style than other types. With a rear wrap-around appearance you can experience the secure fit of these Skullcandy wireless headphones. Designed with earbuds that include Bluetooth technology, they also have a sweat-resistant exterior so you’ll never catch them slipping. Beyond that, the Skullcandy Method Wireless Headphones also include a built-in microphone so you can answer your phone, pause and skip tracks and also adjust the volume hands-free. Comfortable DualLock earbuds ensure they stay put while you take on the backcountry. Count on up to 9 hours of battery life for the trail and don’t worry about playing a song for a friend! These earbuds also include Pureclean anti-microbial gel that keeps them germ-free even when you don’t have wipes.

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