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The World Snowboard Tour has grown into the strongest international snowboarding tour representing the most important snowboard events in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Oceania. The World Snowboard Tour is operated by TTR Pro Snowboarding (TTR).  TTR  is a “Verein”, or non-profit organization, registered in Switzerland. Ownership of the Verein is held by its Members, the event organisers of National, International and Elite events on the World Snowboard Tour.

The structure of TTR Pro Snowboarding has been organised to fulfill its mission of creating the highest quality competitive snowboard environment in the world, using authenticity, accessibility and innovation as guiding principles. The Board Members represent TTR and its members and is a set of professional people who live for the sport.


President, Reto Lamm

Reto is a co-founder of TTR Pro Snowboarding and has served as President of the World Snowboard Tour since its inception. He made a living as a professional snowboarder from 1991-2000 and then became involved in the media and marketing industry. Reto has also worked as the Digital Manager at Bogner Marketing, amongst others.


Executive Board Member, Maria McNulty

Maria is a trained lawyer and has been involved with the snowboarding scene since 1990. She has a lot of experience in running events, including serving as the Events and Entertainment Director at Burton Snowboards, judging events and marketing. Maria has been on the TTR Board since 2003 and now sits on TTR’s Executive Board, where she helps oversee the strategic planning and operations of the organisation, and serves as the North American Representative.


Executive Board Member, Rich Hegarty

8 RICH Rich has been involved in the development of the World Snowboard Tour since its very start. He was a professional snowboarder, has worked as editor for several snowboard magazines and is the owner and director of two of the biggest Southern Hemisphere contests on the World Snowboard Tour – Stylewars and The Mile High. Rich runs the Australian Park and Pipe Program so also has a balanced perspective of the individual needs of nations and also of riders. His knowledge of the industry will help strengthen the tour concept.


Executive Board Member, Dirk Loesch

Dirk Loesch - World Snowboard Tour Board Member Dirk lives in Munich, Germany. He runs his own communications firm, offering corporate communications and consumer PR services to some of the most respected companies and brands. Currently he serves on the Board of Directors for TTR focussing on strategy development and communications.


Board Member & Treasurer, Hannes Schönegger

Hannes Schönegger has been involved with TTR Pro Snowboarding since the very beginning. He is very experienced in event organisation and marketing, and was engaged in the Air & Style for many years as well as being the co-founder of a Swiss fashion brand called QWSTION. Hannes now helps TTR oversee strategic matters and operations of the association with a focus on sponsorships, partnerships and finance.


Board Member, Lee Gregory Johnson

Greg lives in Vail, Colorado where he has been immersed in snowboard competitions in Judging, Head Judging, Technical Supervision, as well as being a Competition Director for 23 years. He has been involved in close to a thousand events from regional series to international events including the Olympics and assisted Burton with their Global Open Series.


Board Member, Eric Webster

2 ERIC Eric has been working in the snowboard business for over 30 years as an athlete, coach, technical advisor and now director of the USSA Grand Prix Tour. His focus as a TTR Board Member will be on finding creative ways to work with nations, riders, event organizers, industry stakeholders and snowboard organizations to create a unified global snowboard community.


Board Member, Tricia Byrnes

Tricia is a former professional snowboarder and has competed at many Winter X Games. After ending her career as pro snowboarder, the 2002 Olympian now keeps herself busy as commentator and webcast producer. Continuing her commitment to the snowboarding scene, Tricia serves as TTR Board Member.


Board Member, Chas Guldemond

chas-guldemond-profile Chas is a well-respected pro snowboarder who has won countless events on the World Snowboard Tour and also managed to become TTR Slopestyle World Champion at the World Championships of Snowboarding in Oslo 2012. He founded the organisation We Are Snowboarding in order to unite all riders. This strong commitment to the snowboarding sport makes him the perfect addition to the TTR Team as Board Member.


Board Member, Dagfrid Forberg

dagfrid-forberg Dagfrid is based in Oslo, Norway and has been working for the Norwegian Snowboard Association, which she also served as CEO for many years. She sits on the TTR Executive Board and joined the FIS strategic task force to investigate the possibilities for a joint Olympic qualification system based on a collaboration between FIS and TTR. With the goal to create a stronger independent and less fragmented competitive snowboard environment, Dagfrid is working on the strategic side of developing the World Snowboard Tour.


Board Member, Zack Dalton

7 ZACK Zack has over a decade of experience as sports marketing manager, team manager and brand marketing manager. He’s skilled at working with world-class athletes and industry leading brands integrating people, processes and systems while consistently improving brand awareness and positioning. Zack is currently Oakley’s Global Sports Marketing Manager (Snowboarding) and is an ideal addition to the TTR Board and the Marketing Committee.

Board Member, Sandro Garcia Egoavil

5 SANDRO Sandro is a former professional snowboarder and sports manager with more than 10 years of experience in managing events as well as sports politics. He takes great pride in his contribution to the South American snowboarding scene and his role as lead manager of the first Peruvian participation to the Olympic Winter Games 2010.



 Board Member, Risto Scott

4 RISTO Risto lives in Vancouver, Canada and is a former professional snowboarder. He is currently working as Sales and Marketing Director (Canada) at Billabong, which also includes event and athlete management. His understanding of both the riders and event organisers makes him a valuable addition to the TTR Board.


Board Member, Jasen Isaacs

Jasen aka Ninja has been involved in snowboarding since 1988, first as a professional snowboarder and now working as Athlete Manager for some of the biggest names in snowboarding. He is highly skilled at working with brands, marketing, events and PR, amongst others, and will be a great addition to the work force at the TTR.


Board Member, Andrew Mutty

9 Andrew Andrew began his career in the snowboard business as a professional snowboarder. He then moved on to becoming Athlete Manager, Mentor, Marketing Manager, as well as founder of several businesses such as Reel Theory Productions. Having seen all sides of the sport, Andrew will be able to bring great input to the TTR Board.



Board Member, Frode Sandbech

Frode is a well-known Norwegian action sports photographer and has been involved in the snowboard industry since 15 years. Having worked with magazines, brands as well as events, Frode has a great insight in the snowboard industry and a close relationship to the riders.



Board Member, Chanelle Sladics

091212_snow_sladics_MI_009 Chanelle is a professional snowboarder, founder of the Community Cup and co-Founder of Simply Straws. With her close relationship to the rest of the professional athletes on the World Snowboard Tour, she will help to voice their opinions and strengthen the cooperation of the TTR with the riders.



Board Member, Thomaz Autran Garcia

6 TAG Thomaz Autran Garcia aka TAG has been involved in the snowboard industry for the past 15years, first as the Editor of Snowplanet Magazine and then Editor-on-Chief of MethodMag. He cares deeply about snowboarding, its culture and community and will use his position within the TTR Board to preserve that culture in modern competitive snowboarding.


Board Member, Marc Bajona Carrera

3 MARC For the past 10 years Marc has been involved in the organisation of the Grandvalira Total Fight. Knowing the ins and outs of organising a well-respected contest, Marc will join the Event Committee on the TTR Board.


Board Member, Josef “Seppi” Harml

 Portraet Seppi Harml  Josef „Seppi“ Harml is the founder of Absolut Park and organizer of the Absolut Park Spring Battle. He has been working for KPMG as a consultant and auditor from 2008 to 2013. He studied tourism economics and marketing and worked successfully in that field during and after his years of study. Since 2013 he is a board member of the Shuttleberg GmbH & Co KG, which is the company that owns Absolut Park and the Absolut Park Spring Battle. He is a TTR board member since 2015 and helps developing and improving the tour structure.


About TTR Pro Snowboarding & World Snowboard Tour

 TTR Pro Snowboarding is a non-profit organization that oversees a professional network of events and athletes. Our objective is to develop and showcase the sport of snowboarding while facilitating a fair and open competition environment that includes innovative judging and ranking systems.  TTR Pro Snowboarding owns the World Snowboard Tour, the TTR World Ranking System, World Snowboard Points List, SSL live Judging system and the World Championships of Snowboarding. The World Snowboard Tour includes Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air events, and awards Championship titles in each discipline.

Corporate Identity

The World Snowboard Tour has a similar but crucially different brand identity from TTR Pro Snowboarding. Please be careful to use the correct logo depending on whom you’re referring. When communicating an event you must use the official World Snowboard Tour logo and follow the Brand Identity guidelines provided.

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