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Ride On The Tour

Riders have a wide range of opportunities available to participate in World Snowboard Tour events across the globe – no matter what your level of riding might be. From Rookie to Pro level events, there is a World Snowboard Tour event you can enter at a hill near you.

Riders do not need a special license to compete in World Snowboard Tour events.

Just register for the event you would like to compete in by the appropriate registration deadline and go ride. Your final results at World Snowboard Tour competitions are automatically transmitted to your rider profile on the TTR database and then added to the World Snowboard Points List.

You can find an event to compete at by heading to the Events section of the World Snowboard Tour website. Here you will find local events that are in your area, or you can scout out certain events on the national or even global level in which you would like to compete.  In the events section of the World Snowboard Tour website riders are able to filter out events by nation, level, gender, time-frame and even by format. On each events individual profile you will see clearly how to register to compete.

Once you begin competing at World Snowboard Tour events the qualified rider protocol provides priority access to further events. Available qualified entry places at events are limited by the total spots  and are assigned based on a rider´s position on the WSPL at the cut-off date. To determine the eligible riders, organisers will use the most recent points list available when registration closes for an individual event. Riders who missed the registration deadline can´t request entry under this rule – it is up to the rider to register on time.