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Rider Login FAQ

What benefits do I have with a rider account?

With a World Snowboarding rider account you can:

–       Manage your Personal Information
–       Add Twitter, Facebook and website information to your profile
–       Add/Change your Sponsors
–       Register for Events that use the World Snowboarding athlete online registration system
–       Present yourself professionally to Sponsors, Journalists and the rest of the world


How do I create a user account?

Go to the rider login page and click “Create new user Account”. Complete the form, purchase a WSF rider membership and hit the “Submit“ button at the button of the page. If you entered your email address correctly, you will receive a welcome email with your login credentials. It is important that the spelling of your firstname and lastname as well as the nationality on your member account match the spelling/nationality on the World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPLs). If a user account with your first/lastname/nationality exists already, or if you are already listed on any WSPL with a different name or incorrect spelling please contact riders(at)

How do I activate my user account?

To activate your user account, you must login with the credentials sent to you after creating the account and complete the account set-up. Just follow the instructions given. You will be asked to purchase a WSF rider membership and you have to complete your personal details, enter your sponsors, an emergency contact and indicate your stance (Goofy, Regular) on your personal bio. Please make sure all your contact information is correct as this will be used incase of emergencies and important announcements.

How do I manage my rider information?

To manage the rider information displayed on your World Snowboarding Profile you have to login and go to My Profile/Bio. Complete all the fields and tick the „Check to display on the web“ field at the top of the page. We recommend you to update your rider information at the beginning of the season or whenever changes occur. The information you provide here is frequently used by World Snowboarding, journalists, event organizers, event announcers and partner websites. It is in your best interest to keep this information up-to-date.

How do I update/add my sponsors?

To add or update your sponsors, you have to login and go to My Profile/Sponsor. To add a sponsor, click “New Sponsor”, select a sponsor from the list and assign a priority. Priority 1 is the highest and should be your main sponsor. To navigate to a sponsor entry click on the numbers in the top right corner “Click to View”. To update or delete a sponsor, navigate to the sponsor entry you would like to change and either change the priority or click “Delete”. If your sponsor does not appear in the list and you want it to be added, please send an email with the sponsor information to riders(at)

How do I register for Events that use the WS athlete online registration system?

After updating your personal data and athlete profile, you are able to register for events that use the WS athlete online registration system. To do so, click “Events” in the navigation bar, select the event you want to register for from the event schedule, confirm the event waivers, enter your payment details and hit the submit button.