TTR World Snowboard Tour

Points List

Vision, Mission and Directives


A unified global snowboard community under one roof, built upon the sport’s core values and unique culture, and making snowboarding the most recognized, progressive winter sport.


To create a new breed of governing body for competitive freestyle snowboarding, comprised of a professional network of riders, nations, and events and industry partners.


To maintain snowboarding’s core values: creativity, fun, progression, freedom of expression, innovation, individuality and camaraderie.

To uphold the progression of snowboarding by providing fair and open contest environments as well as innovative judging and ranking systems, thus allowing the riders to develop from rookies into world-class athletes and to become stars of their sport.

To manage the superior global snowboard tour, where the legitimate world champions are crowned.

To provide legitimate and universally accepted global ranking lists within competitive snowboarding

To unite the interests of riders, event organizers, and industry and snowboard organisations that reach beyond national or individual commercial interests, with the goal of creating a fun, fair, and respectful environment.

To bring innovation and progression to the Olympic Winter Games.

To increase the universal appeal of snowboarding by continually improving the quality of the sport’s output as well as its reach, utilizing all viable global communications channels making snowboarding one of the world´s most exciting and fun-to-watch sports.