TTR World Snowboard Tour

Points List

Tour Structure

The World Snowboard Tour is structured to enable riders on all levels, from amateurs to professionals, compete on one global tour. All riders competing in World Snowboard Tour events are awarded ranking points for their individual final placements ranked on the World Snowboarding Points Lists, in their respective disciplines. Over 3000 riders compete each year on the tour at over 200 events to collect points toward their ranking and develop their competitive riding skills.

The World Snowboard Tour recognizes three main freestyle disciplines:
1.    Slopestyle
2.    Halfpipe
3.    Big Air

An important aspect of the World Snowboard Tour – and a valuable incentive to riders – is the seamless rookie-to-pro structure allowing younger talent to climb the competitive ranks, developing their career as a professional snowboarder. Young riders start out competing on the Regional or National level, and work their way up to the International level and ultimately, the Elite level.

Event Level Breakdown
The World Snowboard Tour is built on a 4-Tier structure and categorizes events into Regional, National, International and Elite levels accordingly. The World Snowboard Tour event level categorization denotes the significance of the event based on a global scale; the number of the WSPL points obtainable; the overall quality of the event; the calibre of the rider field which is determined by cross reference against the WSPL ranking(s); and the level of competition, where Regional is the lowest level event category and Elite is the highest.

Regional Level: events are where the local events with local impact lie. Serving as an entry point for the emerging riders in competitive snowboarding, riders have the chance to develop their skills, start collecting valuable WSPL points, and gain regional recognition. Age and ability categories are recommended. Providing a proving ground for young and emerging riders, the Regional level is home to WST’s grassroots and entry-level events.

National Level: The National level is home to National Event Series, National Championships, and other National level events. These events give break-through riders the chance to work their way up the WSPL ranking. The stepping stone to the international snowboarding arena, National level events allow riders to further progress, and to gain national acclaim, while collecting valuable WSPL points, with the goal to qualify to compete in the higher level events on the WST.

International Level: International level offers first-rate, international, professional level competitions. The backbone of the WST, these high-level events form the proving ground for professional riders preparing to step up to the highest level of competitive snowboarding – the WST Pro Series.

Elite Level: Elite level events showcase the highest and most progressive level of riding on the World Snowboard Tour and in snowboarding in general. Significant prize money, TV and global media coverage, coupled with first-rate progressive venues, course feature builds, and formats are all combined in an effort to provide a stage for the best riders in the world. The ultimate pinnacle of snowboarding, the Elite level events form the WST Pro Series, combining the best rider talent in the world, with the best events worldwide, in order to determine the number one rider in each discipline. Results from Elite level WST Pro Series events count for the WST Pro Series Ranking, at the end of each season, the WST Pro Series Champions in Slopestyle and Halfpipe, for both male and female, will be crowned.