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World Snowboarding Points List

The World Snowboarding Points Lists (WSPLs) are the result of a global collaborative effort to create one universal, transparent and fair ranking system for competitive snowboarding. At any given point in time, the WSPLs aim to provide the most accurate and transparent representation of the top riders in the world and their corresponding results.

The WSPL evaluates event results from all snowboarding competititons globally.

A rider’s position on the Points List is determined by calculating an average of a rider’s WSPL points of his/her best three results in the respective freestyle discipline within a 52-week period.

The World Snowboarding Points Lists are calculated and published every Monday and Thursday at 6.00am PST (3.00 PM CET) for Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air disciplines for both men and women. The current rankings are displayed here.

The WSPL Points System
The points system used for the WSPL calculation is based on a dynamic 10-scale Points System with ten points levels ranging from 100 to 1000 points. Three factors determine the points level of an event and the ranking points a rider gets for his/her individual placement at an event: “Category of event”, “Quality of field” and “Field size”.

Category of event
Each event will be classified into one of the following three event categories: Regional/National, International and Elite. For each category, a minimum points level is defined (Regional/National: 100pts.; International: 300pts.; Elite: 600pts) whereas the points level maximum for an event is not capped. Regardless of the event category, any event can reach a points level of 1000pts. The determination of the points level of an event is based on the quality of field.

Quality of field
The quality of field for a specific competition is determined by calculating a field quality value for each competition result. The value calculation process evaluates the top-ranked riders who competed in the competition as per the most current World Snowboarding Points List at the time the competition took place in the respective discipline:

1. For men, the EIGHT(8) top-ranked riders will be evaluated
2. For women, the FIVE(5) top-ranked riders will be evaluated
3. If none of the riders on the result is ranked on the current points list, the minimum points level is applied


Two different values are calculated automatically by the ranking engine during the result load:

4. R Value: Calculated as the average of the current WSPL ranks of the 5/8 top ranked riders on the result
5. P Value: Calculated as the average of the current WSPL points of the 5/8 top ranked riders on the result


Field Size
The ranking points a rider gets attributed for his/her placement depend on the points level of the competition and the total number of ranked riders on the final result. As a general rule, the ranking points for a certain placement are higher in larger fields than in smaller fields. For Example: A rider who finished 10th at an event with 100 ranked competitors will get more points for his placement, than a rider finishing 10th on a result with 25 ranked competitors.


NEW R – & P- VALUES FOR 2017/18

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