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WSF Memberships

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With the merger between World Snowboard Federation (WSF) and TTR Pro Snowboarding complete, the new WSF membership system is now ready to be launched. After the merger with TTR, the new WSF will represent all three major stakeholder groups in snowboarding: national governing bodies, event organisers and riders. Due to the additional member categories as well as assets from the merger, the membership structure had to be overhauled.


The WSF will have the following direct membership types available:


  1. Nation Membership – National Snowboarding Organisations (NSOs)
  2. Event Membership – for events that are not affiliated with an NSO
  3. Rider Membership – for all riders listed on the WSPL


 Below are the details of the WSF membership types


WSF Nation Membership: 500


  • WSF Membership with full participation rights at WSF Annual General Meeting as per the WSF statutes

Nation membership fee for all Nations with additional fees charged by World Snowboarding (WS) for the larger nations based on the number of their Nation’s active riders using the WSPL and the number of events submitted for calendaring and results to the WSPL. Details below.


      Additional fee based on a Nation’s active riders on the WSPL


0-20                €0
20-50             €250
50-100           €500
100-150         €1000
150-200         €1500
200-250         €2000
250-300         €2500
< 300         €3500


* Based on Riders/ Nation at 01.09.2017

* Nations who have already paid their Membership for the current 2017 / 2018 Season based on the previous membership model will receive a revised invoice delivered.



WSF Provisional Membership: €300


  • Provisional Membership will only be offered for the 2017 / 2018 season. In future WSF National Membership will be the only membership available to Nations.
  • There are no WSPL services or voting rights available for provisional members.


* Provisional Membership was formerly known as Watching Member



WSF Event Membership: 100


  • Event Members will be charged the Event Membership fee
  • The Membership includes full participation rights at WSF Annual General Meeting as per the WSF statutes
  • Event Members can have unlimited events within their commercial business and will only be charged one Event Membership fee. Service fees will be calculated per event.



WSF Rider Membership: 60US$


  • Rider Members will be charged a WSF Rider membership fee
  • Full use of the services on the World Snowboarding website: Global Event Schedule, WSPLs, individual rider profile etc.
  • WSF Membership with full participation rights at WSF Annual General Meeting as per the WSF statutes
  • Valid from June 1st 2017 to May 31st 2018
  • Junior membership for riders below age 14: free of charge
  • Individual rider registration & bulk registration possible for National Associations


* To sign up for your WSF Rider Membership go to



Below are the details of the World Snowboarding service fees.


‘World Snowboarding, is the WSF company that manages the WSPL, whole of sport calendaring, judging education and a communications platform for the whole of sport in terms of competitions, rankings, rider information, stats and data.’

  • WSF Nation Members and WSF Event Members will be charged World Snowboarding Service Fees for events submitted to the Global Calendars and for results delivered to World Snowboarding to be entered into the WSPL
  • All results submitted will incur a small processing fee that varies depending on the tier level of event – Elite, International, National or Regional.


Elite: €600

International: €400

National: €250

Regional: €50




>25 Results: 50% Discount on Service Fee

>50 Results: 70% Discount on Service Fee



3 different examples below :


  • A WSF Event Member puts on 1 x National level event with a halfpipe and a slopestyle competition for both men and women. They will submit 4 x competition results and pay 4 x €250


  • A WSF Nation Member puts on 2x Regional level and 1x International level events all slopestyle competition only for both men and women. They will submit 4x €50 and 2x €400


  • A WSF Nation Member put on 10x Regional Level events with slopestyle & big air competition for both men and women. They will submit 40x competitions results and pay 40x €25 (50% Discount).



Event submissions


To submit event details for the Global Events Calendar and the World Snowboarding Points List please link through to the details on World Snowboarding’s website.